Press Kit

Press Kit

“Music that that will disturb your imagination and delight your heart—a rare combination.”

Jeremy Begbie


The St. Sinner Orchestra is a grand fusion of classical and rock music, featuring a dozen string players, a drummer, and Greg Scheer on vocals and guitar.

The St. Sinner Orchestra’s music is crafted with the orchestra’s voice taking center stage. These are not just pop songs with strings. These are compositions that weave together catchy melodies, driving harmonies, and extended string sections.

Since 2017, St. Sinner has been building a following for their unique sound and energetic live shows. This is music that grabs the heart, feeds the mind, and nourishes the soul. Like their Baroque Pop forebears, St. Sinner’s music explodes with color while the lyrics balance soul-searching and levity.


Hunter VanKlompenberg (The Stray)


Rather than resting on the success of 2019’s So Far from Home and 2020’s One Long Year, St. Sinner has been honing new material live that will soon become the album Synonyms for Goodbye.

“A jaunty string ensemble that performed elegantly.”

John Sinkevics


“Silent Star,” lyric video

“Pop music for nerds • Mature music with a heart of punk • Quirk rock • A gateway drug to classical music • Rock music for adults, but without the cloying sentimentality”

Various people trying to describe the St. Sinner Orchestra


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